Complete Program


Over three appointments, a program is constructed and delivered.  Final program includes a complete diet and supplement protocol catered specifically to you. 

Health Consulting


Consulting sessions that are aimed at working through the obstacles to healing.  Ongoing support and research is available. 

Consulting Rates

Initial Appointment $100
Includes Iridology health assessment and initial recommendations
Program Delivery $150
Following an initial appointment, diet and supplment program is created to address your specific health problems.  


Follow-up Consultation $150

After 6 weeks on the program follow-up to assess the progress and make changes if needed. 


Complete Program $350

Three appointments - Innital Assessment, Program Delivery, and Follow-up Consultation at 6 weeks.  


Iridology Assessment


Initial health assessment through the markings in the iris of the eyes.  Helps to uncover underlying problems and begin the process of healing.

My Services

Aaron Ander CNP

Specializing in Nutrition and Mental Health

Natural Help for Depression, Anxiety, and Other Mood Disorders

12 years Clinical Experience


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DIRECT: 250-551-4233


Iridology Provides Valuable Health Insight:

  • Track the progress of your healing through tissue changes seen in the eyes
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of your health program
  • Success can be seen visually with digital imaging
  • Non-invasive health assessment 
  • Works with Nutrition to provide a comprehensive holistic health program

"I believe in Iridology and Nutrition as the twin guiding stars that will bring a new profession equally uplifting for both doctor and patient"


Bernard Jensen, D.C., Ph.D.

1908 - 2002